Union page
About the Union

We at J R Entertainment are starting a union.
Started March 25th, 2006.

We would like all artists to learn more about this new venture. A  union is much needed within this
industry.  As an artist, you work hard at perfecting your craft. Many people enjoy your hard work. But,
from all this hard work you get mistreated. That is wrong. Our goal is to stop the mistreatment of

We want to create and set standards throughout this industry. The standards that YOU the
entertainer agrees to.  Get paid for your efforts and work.  

We will answer questions, and take your input to make this a great new concept. We will give
entertainers the well deserved respect and treatment they deserve. All artists need to be treated with
respect. As an union member you will be able to demand better pay and experiences. If you want
better pay please contact us.