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About Our Business


J R Entertainment

J R Ent. is a business leadership company that is over four other companies. Those
companies are 221 Associates, Dan Distributions, I Got, and Entertainer's Union.

221 Associates

We are a talent  development company, out of NYC, and Atlanta. We are here to recruit,
teach and develop new talent. We are 221 associates, the star creators.
Our mission is to show you the ins and outs of becoming a professional entertainer. Do
you want to be a famous and well paid? Our proven methods will make it happen. Come
join us.  
Now, we are offering our services to models, agencies, and managers.  

I Got

This is the marketing company. I Got is multi-media marketing. We will take our
clients and get them out in front of the faces of the public. We will use our connections and
our knowledge to promote and market the client. Some of the mediums that we use may
include and are not limited to TV, radio, satellite radio, internet, and the streets. Our goal is
to allow them to become the star they have always dreamt of.

Entertainer's Union

Here is where we work with the artists to give them the respect they deserve. Artists work
hard. They need to know that their work is appreciated. We allow this to happen. We create
a standard price list.

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221 Associates