As talent, you work hard at
perfecting your craft. Many
people enjoy your hard work.
But,  you get mistreated. That is
wrong. Our goal is to stop the
mistreatment of entertainers.

We want to create and set
standards throughout this
industry. The standards that
YOU the entertainer agree to.  
Get paid for your efforts and

Talent need to be treated with
respect. As an union member
you will be able to demand
better pay and experiences. If
you want better pay please
contact us.

Why do I need
This is a business. Just as
you would spend four years in
college to learn your major,
you need to learn this. Would
you hire an untrained person
as your lawyer? Clients want
to know that their money is
well spent. They are spending
thousands or millions on you
being the face of their

J R Entertainment, is about leadership and business management. In
San Diego, Ca., in 1997. We had a simple idea, help people and give
them what they want and dream. Keeping that in mind, we started
selling mixtapes and helping local models to find work in San Diego,
Los Angeles, and New York City.
Our mission is to manage and develop talent, while establishing and
building client/friend relations. We work with talent to develop them
into their highest potential so as to reach their goals and dreams. This
is done for all our talent. Some are managed, and most work with J R
Entertainment through our confidential consulting. Confidential so the
talent can shine. Nobody wants their team or staff to outshine them.
We here at J R Entertainment feel that our mission is to provide the
best knowledge and services to our client/friends. The only way to do
this, is to stay behind the scenes and foster growth and confidence in
them. Our goal is to have all of our client/friends reach & live out their
dreams. We expect to have the J R Entertainment name synonymous
with success, and to have I GOT NEXT.biz known as a true brand
name within the industry and recognizable by those outside of the

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magazines, and much more.
You will get the castings weekly sent directly to your
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to pay us any percentage.

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